A virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Introducing Aether City, a virtual world built on NFTs. — A platform for personal spaces, communities, shopping, and businesses.


Aether is a virtual city powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Aether uses blockchain technology as a record of ownership to define properties stored on the blockchain. Those with ownership of these properties have control over the content and are free to create unique experiences unlike anything in existence.

The Aether Platform

By creating one system, one platform that manages property information for the entire Aether instance, we have created an operating system for the world. The Aether platform is secured by open standards defined on the Ethereum blockchain.

A Second Home

See how Aether can provide you the ability to create and manage your own property. Units serve as a gateway to property ownership in Aether and is yours to keep forever. You're free to fill it with content, and connect it to your own domain.

Build Something Meaningful

Explore the unique opportunities that come alongside building ownership in Aether. Buildings define the world's skyline and grows as more people join. You're free to fill it with content, and connect it to your own domain.

Everlasting Value

Properties are yours to create and ours to discover. Aether uses zoning rules to restrict ownership to a fixed amount of space. This makes space extremely limited so property value increases alongside adoption.

What we believe in, what we stand for, and why we’re building Aether City.

Aether Labs
In todayʼs blockchain ecosystem, innovation is fettered with uncertainties and bounded by limitations. Consider for a moment a decentralized platform where you are free to innovate, free to create, and free to interact.
This all takes shape in Aether City. We came together to form Aether in search of a meaningful blockchain solution. In the process we have reimagined the future of ownership.


What is Aether?
Aether is a decentralized platform for the first blockchain city — Aether city.
How do I get started?
Users can use Ether to buy properties either from other users, or from the contract. Aether ERC721 property tokens are a permanent record of ownership in the Aether universe.
Who validates transactions?
The Ethereum smart contract validates transactions and modifications that are made when interacting with property tokens.
Why is property limited?
Without zoning rules, Aether properties would grow without limitation. This would lead to abandonment and hurt content discoverability. Through shaping the world and giving up control to token owners we are building the foundations of an everlasting community.
How does the voting system work in Aether?
Criminal or disruptive content will be reported by users, a consensus smart contract will filter or allow items to be shown in the city. Off-chain mechanisms will be used to censor this type of activity in the initial release.

Community updates, release timelines, job opportunities.