Understanding Aether

Aether is a smart contract which holds property ownership information. The Aether web client allows users to visualize and interact with their virtual properties. Joining starts with owning a single unit of property.
What is Aether?
Aether is a decentralized platform for the first blockchain city — Aether city.
What are properties?
Property is used to determine ownership in Aether City. The Aether platform is based on property ownership. Aether city consists of a finite amount of property that can be found under 3 different classes: districts, buildings and units. Users can fill any property with applications, collectables, multimedia, and much more.
What are Districts?
A district is a property that is defined by its coordinates and size. A district holds any number of buildings. It may have an exclusive own owner, who manages the district and has the ability to connect the district to its own domain. Districts are top level regions that will not be released to the public at this time. They are meant for the division of the city and will only by awarded to community leaders in the future.
What are Buildings?
A building is a property that is defined by its coordinates and size. The first unit level is managed by the building owner. A building’s space is also occupied by a number of units. A building’s height expands with the progression factor in Aether. The maximum number of units that a building can home is defined by the building’s space and height and therefore grows as the world progresses to equilibrium. A building can have an exclusive owner, who creates the basic design of the building and has the ability to connect the building to its own domain. Buildings are the seeds of the city and are not meant for entry level investors. Just like how it would be difficult for one individual to afford a skyscraper in the current world. These buildings will be auctioned off to investors to raise funds for the project.
What are Units?
A unit is the smallest unit of property ownership in Aether. It is a property that is defined by its coordinates occupying an area of 10 m³. A unit is a part of a building and is adjacent to neighboring units. The owner of a unit determines its appearance, fills it with content, and has the ability to connect the unit to its own domain.